Monday, June 22, 2009

Overheard -- posted by Mom


Richard (6): "I think Sarah should get a pink bikini and you should get a red bikini."

Me: "Oh, dear, ah, no child, I, uh, well son, ooh, I no longer, ah...."

Richard, interrupting: "You know they stretch, don't you?"


Ever since the Barbara Boxer AKA "Babs" incident, my husband feels compelled to insert "Senator" in place of "Ma'am."

Me: "Bill, be careful weeding the beans with all the blooms."
Bill: "Yes, Senator."

Kinda catchy, huh?


While weeding the garden as a family, I delight in hearing all the latest/greatest with the children, and listening to their happy, playful banter. I was certainly impressed when James was able to recite Shakespeare's St. Crispin's Day Speech perfectly... until it occurred to me that he was likening weeding to the Battle of Agincourt!


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