Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mammy Cats -- posted by John

Today I took pictures of a crazy momma cat on the property who not only nurses her own three babies but also all the other momma cat's babies. For some reason she adopted the other momma cat's babies and she rolls over on her back (not her side) and feeds the first batch of babies, and when they are finished, she nurses the second batch, which have been lying across her chest sleeping while waiting their turn. The kittens are all different sizes so it looks strange. She is like the Mother Theresa of cats... except that she mated with Punkin, and that's why we call her Mrs. Punkin. Her babies look just like him and I saw him playing with those kittens. It sure was cute.

By the way, we aren't Catholic. Mother Theresa was the only famous person I could think of who takes care of other people's babies. I just asked Mom and she reminded me of Mammy from Gone with the Wind.

I'm glad my mother didn't hand me over to someone else to nurse me. I think that would make me feel unloved and unwanted.

Strangely, after my last post, I heard a long commercial with the song "I'll Be There," with Michael Jackson. At one point I thought I heard his father singing with him but Mom said that was his brother.

My mom surprised me by buying me two big boxes of Red Hots (to share), which are tiny red cinnamon candies. Mrs. Stafford, our neighbor, turned me on to them when we went tailgating with her. I apologized for eating them by the handful but I just loved them. She probably didn't care because she's a generous lady.

Red Hots are my favorite candies. I like them better than Twix, and that's saying a lot. When I first tasted them, I cried a little. I didn't really cry but my eyes watered up because they are so spicy, but after I had another one, I loved them and there's been no turning back.

We have a bumper crop of squash and zucchini and Sarah Grace made two different squash casseroles this week that were delicious. One was an Italian recipe and the other one was more like home cooking. They were so good! Sometimes casseroles end up tasting like the sauce in the casserole but these weren't like that- you could taste the vegetables! They also had cheese and onion and herb bread crumb topping, but no cream-of soups.

I bought Sarah Grace perfume for her birthday. I bought her Kate Winslet's Trésor de Lancôme perfume. She loved it! It smells more like a country girl than Mom's Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, which is more sophisticated. That's not Sarah's style. She is sweet and fresh. Did you know that the name Sally is a nickname for Sarah? That's why Mom calls Sarah Grace Sally a lot. She used to call her Sally all the time when Sarah was little. Sally loves the perfume I bought her, and it's a relief, because I almost got in a lot of trouble for bugging my parents about it, but I didn't.

When Dad took me to the mall to buy it, I found out that we would get with it a tote bag, and a small purse size perfume, and hand lotion, and a beachy-looking orange-colored zippered case with different flower petals in pinks and yellows and reds inside, all for free! I am so happy! Thank you, Lord.

I don't know why we love Red Hots and jalapeno poppers so much because they burn us and we make faces, but we keep on eating them! We do the same thing with pickles, only they aren't hot, but they can sure screw your face up. I'm eating Red Hots right now.

We played Ping Pong in the carport and we went to the pool. We had a ball! Dad is making sure the Young Guns can swim well. I can swim well underwater but I'm no great swimmer. I hope Mom comes next time because women are better teachers. They pay more attention and hold your arms instead of saying some things and then telling you to just do it.

Mel Gibson is an idiot, and I hope he reads this. Mr. Gibson, I used to like you a lot and maybe one time you were my favorite actor, but you should spend the rest of your life begging your wife to forgive you and take you back. She forgave you of your sinning against her for many years (or at least took you back), but you just wouldn't repent. Repent means to STOP it. The problem with most Catholics (and Protestants) is that they think confessing sins and asking forgiveness is good enough, but Jesus said to quit sinning. And he can make you able to quit, you just don't want to because you love your sin more. I should have known you would end up like this but I hoped your religious stuff meant you wanted to please God, and you were coming around, but you are just like the rest of the phonies out there and I am so disappointed, and disgusted with you, but I will keep praying for you until Jesus makes me stop it. You can go too far, you know. If you read the Bible it plainly says that if you don't knock it off with your sinning, God will kill you and put you in hell.

Ma sent us some old magazines and one was from July 6, 1956 and Yul Brynner was on the cover. I used to want to be him when he played the king of Siam in The King and I because I thought he looked cool in his bald head and wardrobe. I loved his little opened jacket and his puffy pants and bare feet. He had a nicely shaped smooth bald head and all the girls died over him. I also like him in The Ten Commandments even though he was the bad guy.

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