Monday, May 25, 2009

Sarah Grace Full of Light -- posted by John

On Friday, my parents and Sarah Grace took my grandmother to her 62nd high school class reunion in Hartsville, SC. That left me and my six brothers here for the weekend.

We had cereal for breakfast.

It was supposed to be a treat because we have not had it in years because Sarah Grace learned from her whole foods nutritional studies that even whole grain cereals aren't good for you because of the way they are processed. We thought we missed it, but it was tasteless and unsatisfying and a total waste of money.

We usually have our free range eggs, bacon or sausage, grits, and whole wheat biscuits, or we have blueberry or blackberry whole wheat pancakes, or Sarah makes a whole grain dish which she soaks overnight, to make it healthier. Her baked oat dish is so delicious with coconut oil and raisins and/or apples. It bakes up sort of like a cobbler or crumble and you put cream on it.

Whole grain food tastes so much better since Sarah Grace started grinding our grains herself. They are much tastier than whole grain food you buy in the store, and they are healthier because grains lose all their enzymes within a week after being ground into flour. Enzymes are good for you.

We thought it would be hard to change to whole foods but Sarah Grace worked very hard experimenting to find tasty dishes. She has studied traditional whole food recipes from around the entire world and even ancient techniques. She learned some things about healthy food from the Bible.

Thankfully, Mom and Sarah Grace made breakfast today, and we noticeably ate more than usual. We got hungry! Fortunately, we weren't going to starve to death since Sarah Grace left suppers and chicken salad for us in the refrigerator. The only good things we had, she made.

Friday was Sarah Grace's birthday and she got a cake in Hartsville but we haven't celebrated her birthday here yet. She wrote about her trip on

I wrote a tribute to her here when she turned 18 that I don't think I can top, but I do have some things I'd like to say.

I would like to find a wife just like Sarah Grace. She is gorgeous inside and out, and I love her very much.

She likes nice things, but she doesn't have to own them. She can admire it at the store and then leave it behind gladly. She has beautiful clothing but not a lot, nor a lot of shoes. She doesn't want a lot! She enjoys simple things like when Vito Corleone presented his wife with that blemish-free pear, and she rejoiced over it.

Sarah is thoughtful and creative. Just last week she made us cheese like Boursin cheese with herbs from her herb garden and she surprises us with treats like healthy desserts and hors d'Ĺ“uvres like jalapeno poppers that we love (she planted jalapenos peppers again this year!)

While they were in Hartsville, they went to a discount fabric store because they were excited to get fabric to help us boys to make shorts for the summer, and she had fun, and she was excited to help us. She didn't get anything for herself.

I love how Sarah Grace keeps herself healthy and everything is perfect. She always keeps herself up and she is going to be a great momma.

In the afternoon she takes a walk, but she is so caring that she takes Webb with her. Webb is in a wheelchair but she pushes him around so he can see some of the animals and flowers and get some fresh air and sunshine. He really missed her when she was gone because when she got home he squeezed her neck tight.

And there is just something about her smile and laugh. It lights up the room and your heart!

Happy Birthday, Sarah Grace!

Love, Johnny

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Ali Cato said...

Hope you have a great birthday Sarah!