Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Richard's Post -- posted by Richard (as dictated to Mom)

My brother James made a bow and arrow and it shoots very far away. And a chariot that he made? It very cool.

I crawled in lycra that my family was holding up and I go in it and it was very deep.

I have a little land made out of toys like little animals and trees and I made houses out of blocks. I made my little land behind the sofa because mostly no one ever goes there and I can be alone. And I also have people and cars in my little land that I made.

And I got a new pair of shoes. And I got some new work boots because my other ones didn't fit me and there is a rip in them.

Today we played football and tackle-loco. Will and Spencer played with us. And something funny happened. John throwed the ball over him head and George caught it but Will put his hand around he head and then Will caught it.

You do not want to see Lady Ga Ga.

James is a good builder.

I'm beating Dad in post writing!

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