Monday, May 18, 2009

I've Been Workin' on the Homestead -- posted by John

On the way to the dump to take a trailer load of garbage with Dad, George, and Richard, we saw army convoys and the soldiers had guns like in 24 when they were at the warehouse with the canisters. At least I thought I saw them with assault weapons but just now Dad and Richard said they don't remember seeing guns. Maybe I imagined it because the convoy was as far as the eye could see, and we were in the middle, so I started to feel like I was a part of it and in the army myself! Maybe the guns were in my mind's eye.

Once we got to the dump, Richard could only find one of his work gloves so he spent a lot of time searching the van for it and at one point I helped him but it wasn't to be found. Finally, Dad let him unload with one hand. When we got home, he found his glove in his boot!

After we unloaded, Dad bought us each a cherry Dr. Pepper. It was delicious! I'd never had one before so that was exciting.

While cleaning out the workshop we found some pictures of Dad when he was in the Boy Scouts and he had puffy blondish 70's hair and a weird looking grown-up watch. He said his hair turned that color because of the chlorine in the pool. His hair is very dark now. The chlorine explains the color but it doesn't explain the Bama bangs and hair that was so long it was starting to curl up a little on the ends.

We had rabbit pot pie the other night and it got us to thinking that maybe we should breed meat rabbits as a hobby. We've had rabbits before and James and Spencer and I are interested in starting it up again. We could make hutches pretty easily.

Rabbit tastes like chicken. No, really, it does. It wasn't gamy tasting at all. Neither was the duck I had at the Kennedy Center. I've been warned about a gamy taste but I've never noticed one. It's like chicken but with a slightly different spin on it. It is very good and tender.

One of our meatless nights was split pea soup and quesadillas. It went together very well, believe it or not. The split pea soup has a great flavor because they sauteed the onion and garlic in bacon fat and then sprinkled a little bacon bits on top of the soup. It may sound like a weird combination but the quesadillas were in place of the bread or crackers you'd normally have with the soup.

I really feel good about myself. We've been working hard on the garden and workshop and animal pens and I feel accomplished. Mom says that boys who work hard are better prepared to become men. Some boys only take out the trash or mow the lawn or only do the work or chores they like. Sometimes they grow up and get sicknesses or conditions or disorders because they are lazy and need an excuse to get out of becoming manly men.

Today I cleaned out a goat pen and a chicken coop. You can see maggots and roaches and mice but you just keep on getting it in order and do what needs to be done to clean it up and eliminate the pests.

Mom and Sarah Grace tell us what they need and we do it for them, pronto. Don't frustrate women by making them wait; be dependable. That way I already know how to face the hard things for my future wife and children. It's about facing your fears and doing your duty and becoming strong. I can assure you that my muscles have grown this spring and it wasn't from working out or playing sports. It was from hard, unpleasant, work!

On Sunday, our rest day, I went fishing and caught one. We also did some target practice with our bows and arrows. It was a great day because we knew we had earned it and we are proud of the progress we've made.

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