Wednesday, May 13, 2009

East of Eden -- posted by John

We finally watched the East of Eden miniseries with Jane Seymour. Ma ordered it from Netflix for us since Mom wanted us to see it after we read the book. Mom was right about Jane Seymour's acting as Cathy. She had a look in her eye like the devil himself. I think it's cool she has two different colored eyes in real life, though.

This is probably one of my favorite movies. The James Dean version was dorky. This one was a lot better.

My favorite character in the book and the movie was Lee. He had a lot of wisdom and he was funny. Here is an interesting portion of the book with Lee:

Here is another interesting page but it has spoilers so don't look if you haven't read it yet!

We are always reading the Bible through and through and I can tell you that it really helps with understanding a lot of literature. Mom read East of Eden aloud and early on, before anybody said anything, it reminded me of Cain and Abel.

I just called Dad to ask him if he read East of Eden with us and he said he read it by himself and he got it on tape to listen to while he traveled. He hasn't seen the last DVD from the miniseries yet.

Sometimes writers get it right, and sometimes they don't. John Steinbeck was on to some truth with the fact that man has free will, but what he didn't say was that nobody can quit sinning without the new birth. They can maybe quit doing some of their sins with their will but nobody can be wholly holy without being born again.

For me, it's fun to judge literature. For example, the little kids got a book from the library that turned out to be a feminist book. It was about a momma bunny that wanted to be the Easter bunny and it went on and on about how she was better qualified than the male bunnies.

We weren't allowed to have Berenstein Bear books because the dad was always a boob and my Mom didn't like that message for little children. Children should honor their parents and that bear dad was a goof ball and his family didn't honor him. Mom only allows wholesome books for little children.

Even if a book or a movie doesn't stand up to truth, it is still interesting to discuss it, but you better know truth first! That's why the most important thing we do is learn the Bible from the Holy Spirit.

I know the New Testament the best because I've read it over and over thousands of times. I know the first five books of the Old Testament and then Psalms and probably the major prophets next, I guess. I know Joshua and Judges too. And Jonah. And I & II Samuel. I've read them all- it's just that some I know better than others.

The East of Eden miniseries was just like the book and I like that. I hate it when you read a book and the movie is so disappointing because it's nothing like the book. I'm relieved they didn't mess with the character of Lee, too.

P.S. We wrote a tribute to my mom on for Mother's Day. She loved it!

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