Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dear Momma -- posted by The Allen Children

Life has its dramas and its pressures, such that at points it may seem unbearable, but through these things we have had one constant: you. Whatever crisis we have, or whatever Satan uses to try to thwart this family, you are the rock to which we constantly cling. No matter how rotten we were such to deserve a spanking, you were always standing ready to forgive, wipe our tears, and rub our smarting rumps.

We lurve you like the dragonfly lurves your toe.

The way you cook bacon with your fist on your hip like Superman, your repetitive machine gun kissing technique, your ability to read a book aloud so that we feel as if we're living it, your soft, incoherent humming while you work, the way you crinkle your nose when you play with Richard, your ability to hide the golden egg such that a year later we still can't find it, being able to painlessly remove splinters of any depth or size, us taking turns rubbing your poor, swollen feet while you chewed ice during your pregnancies, all of these are endearing memories that we will cherish forever. And you... you smell good.

Any project we were working on or dream we wanted to pursue, you were always 100% supportive. It would be impossible to list the innumerable times you have sacrificed your own pleasure for our sakes, but one thing is certain... we are eternally grateful.

You are our "Jolly Time," and you are our precious.

We love you Momma!!!

Will, Sarah Grace, Spencer, James, Webb, John, George, Richard

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The Allen Family said...

Just so ya know:

The reason I cook bacon with my fist on my hip like Superman is because I approach bacon with an attitude of "I'm cooking you; you aren't cooking me!"

Also, "Jolly Time" started when I was put on bed rest with one of my pregnancies and we did homeschool on our king-sized Select Comfort bed. It was a dark time on many counts, including extended family trials and heartbreaks. After lessons were taught, we would all pile up in my bed to cut the fool and laugh to comfort our achy breaky hearts. It came to be known as "Jolly Time..." which is much better than "the Hugh Hefner method of homeschooling!"

Thanks for the post, kids. It tickled me and blessed my heart. I've read it over and over.