Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Garden -- posted by John

We are exhausted from planting our garden. We got started late for some reason so we are working extra hard. Mom wakes us up early enough to finish breakfast before the sun comes up so we will get started in the cool of the day. She offered us young guns a 1/2 cup of coffee to get us moving. We love coffee but we aren't allowed to have it except for a treat. She lets us have cafe au lait at the beach when we get up with her to watch the sunrise over the ocean.

It is hotter than usual planting the garden so we wet our shirts and wore them on our heads. Mom calls us her "little ragheads" or her "burqa boys."

Georgi looks like he has a little Captain in him in one picture.

I had to crawl in a drainage pipe to bust out the dirt because Mom wants to plant cantaloupes and watermelons in an area where it will flood if the drainage pipe is clogged, which it was, so that's what I did most of the afternoon.

Sarah Grace looks so pretty working in the garden with her hat and purple bandana. She looks like someone I've seen in a movie but I just can't remember who.


You should check out Georgi's post on www.milkandhoneyacres.com about the armor James made for us. He also made a movie of us marching and battling with the Gladiator theme in the background but he is having trouble editing it. It is really cool.

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