Monday, April 13, 2009

I Love Spring -- posted by John

Guess what I got in my Easter basket. Two of those Hostess cupcakes I told you about! I loved the squishy cream center with the cake part.

Another great surprise was a chunk of cranberry Wensleydale cheese that Mom and Sarah Grace picked up. It's my favorite cheese and we only get it every now and then. Same with Boursin cheese.

We had Easter left-overs tonight and the house smells all yeasty.

We saw Bedtime Stories and it was one of the funniest movies ever and we didn't have to turn our heads or mute it! Adam Sandler was very funny but Russell Brand was hilarious. I don't want to say one was funnier than the other but you shouldn't miss this movie.

We learned about spiral, lenticular, and elliptical galaxies today. We didn't fall asleep like last time.

James killed a rat on Saturday when we were cleaning up the deck and yard. When I saw it I was afraid it was going to jump on me and give me rabies so I held a bucket in front of my face. It was huge and grey with a long naked tail.

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