Thursday, April 2, 2009

Heavenly Happiness -- posted by John

Monday night all of us boys cooked supper while Mom and Sarah gave us instructions. It was a great night and one of my most fun times ever.

George and I were in charge of the salad and we were excited about that because it is our specialty. It was made of spring mix greens, banana peppers, black olives, mandarin oranges, yellow peppers, diced apples, and tomatoes. Sarah Grace made honey mustard dressing. George and I also buttered the casserole dishes for the chicken cannelloni.

My brother Will cooked the noodles, thawed the spinach, cut up the chicken, and layered the dish. We did it lasagna style since it takes too long to stuff the shells for a family our size. Also, they don't have big whole wheat shells here. Will was disappointed when the frilly edges came off his noodles from stirring them too much. When he layered the cannelloni, he placed the frilly edges where they ought to be. Will is a perfectionist.

James was in charge of the sauce and Spencer was in charge of the filling. The kitchen got crowded but that just added to the excitement of the night. When all was done, we had a nice salad, crusty French bread, and deliciously rich cannelloni. It is the kind of dish that tastes wonderful but you know you shouldn't eat too much or too often.

After supper we were planning on watching 50 First Dates since Will and Spencer had never seen the whole movie but the DVR didn't record the whole thing. Dad picked it up at Blockbuster the next night since we were so disappointed. It is a very funny movie but they have to mute certain parts and we have to turn our heads away from inappropriate scenes. WHY CAN'T THEY MAKE FUNNY MOVIES WITHOUT INAPPROPRIATE SCENES? One of my brothers held up his middle finger to me the next day, when I asked him to get me a glass, because he saw it in that movie. He didn't know it was bad- he thought it was funny. Mom didn't think it was funny at all.

Those are the times when I know this world is not the place for me. I don't fit in here. The ways of this world sicken me and I get a homesick feeling, if you know what that is like. I know heaven will have no yucky feelings and I feel like I'm just sticking it out here until we finally get to go. I know I won't miss anything here because the Lord will never disappoint us.

I used to think that heaven might be boring with all the floating around on clouds and walking on streets of gold. Although there are streets of clear gold, I think the floating on clouds part is just in commercials and cartoons. I know he has prepared a place for us and all the Christians will finally be together with the Lord and I imagine it to be like the feeling I had when we were all together cooking in the kitchen Monday night, except we will finally have Jesus with us, and we will see his face, and disappointment and yucky feelings aren't allowed, and none of us will ever disagree on anything.

Monday night was happy, but heaven will be even better.

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