Friday, April 10, 2009

A Good Friday -- posted by John

Last Sunday was Palm Sunday and we visited a new church. They had a guest speaker who gave his testimony and it didn't take me long to realize that he had not yet been born again. He gave himself away during his testimony. It was disappointing because we were so hopeful.

The church seemed to be very busy with programs and such and they were all religious acting but the singing wasn't really worshipful and it all gave me a bad feeling.

Mom is convinced that the true church is meeting in homes and on patios and under shade trees just like the early church. Jesus never told anybody to build buildings, and believers participated in the meetings, they didn't sit like an audience for a show. Our Bible studies are much more like the meetings of the first church. You can read all about those meetings in the New Testament.

Today is Good Friday, the day Jesus died on the cross. Sunday is Easter, the day he came back to life... the day death died!

Mom let us have a little coffee this afternoon because we were falling asleep during our lesson on nuclear fusion and nuclear fission. The cool breeze through the house with the sounds of spring in nature make us sleepy. That was a treat because she rarely lets us have coffee. We have teatime, though, and that is a wonderful tradition in our homeschool.

After a long search, we found the patterns for us younger kids to make our summer shorts. And now guess what. In the meantime, we lost the big bag of fabric!

I saw the movie Rudy for the first time and I loved his relationship with his friend who bought him the Notre Dame jacket and put the match in his Hostess cupcake. (I've always wanted to try one of those chocolate cupcakes with the white swirls.) I don't want to have any spoilers but one scene horrified me and I keep remembering it. You should see this movie.

We had a big treat after church. We went by Ma's for a visit and got to see Ma and Mrs. Dee. When we left, Ma made us take some money for lunch so we all agreed to go by Zorba's and get some turkey subs. We got five sandwiches to split with a sixth one for the big boys to share if they wanted more, but half a sandwich is very filling. Thankfully, they give two slices of pickles for each sandwich so we all got pickles. What makes those subs so good? Is it the mayonnaise? I don't know but they are a big treat.

Also, we usually make our baked goods from scratch but since it is a holiday, Mom and Sarah Grace picked up a big box of pastel colored cupcakes with colorful sugar confetti sprinkled all over them, with some having plastic egg shaped decorations stuck into them. The icing is only a little bit too sweet for me (but I can eat it) and the cake part is good. The colors are beautiful and it was exciting to look down through the cellophane lid of the bakery box at all the decorations and celebration. We were aghast* and gaping*.

* Two of last week's vocabulary words

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