Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baby Hands -- posted by John

My friend, Mrs. Sarah from England, made a good point about Russell Brand. Although I praised his performance in Bedtime Stories, he is known for inappropriate language and behavior. Sarah Grace had warned me that he might disappoint me, since I was all into him. I'm not saying he's all good. Still though, we didn't have to turn our heads at that movie and he was hilarious. Mom said the Lord gifts both the righteous and the unrighteous. She thought he was funny, too.

Guy Pearce was also very funny. I wish I had seen him in Memento like Will, but I'm not allowed. That was a serious role. He was also in The Count of Monte Cristo, which I saw last night. I love that movie as well. Jim Caviezel was The Count. He seems to always be getting whipped and falsely accused.

After Easter Sarah Grace melted her chocolate bunny that Ma gave her, and dipped strawberries in it for us. It inspired me, so I gave her my bunny to melt and she dipped bananas and almonds in it. They were much better than a chocolate bunny! Delectable!*

Today I was remembering when Richard was first born and I would get up early and get in Mom and Dad's bed with him. Mom would get up very early to nurse him and then she would leave him in the bed with Dad while she made breakfast. I would get in the bed with them to hold his hands because they were so soft. I would fall back asleep holding his hands. I hope I never forget those times.

*vocabulary word again

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