Friday, February 13, 2009

Overheard -- posted by Mom

Today, our rosy van-load of eager and optimistic children set out for the Richland County Public Library. Richard, full of a six year old's anticipation, slid the first book from the shelf only to find an image of a unicorn levitating above a mystical forest on the cover. He slowly returned it to its place and pulled out the next book which was an African tale about a certain animal's origin. It was clearly not a Genesis account. He put it back. Next were a series of books about dinosaurs, a leprechaun, a witch, Halloween, dragons, and a multitude of African folk tales- which led me to wonder if our library branch has more African folk tales than Africa herself. Finally, with glistening eyes ready to burst with tears, Richard looked up and said:

"Where's the Christian section?"

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