Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nurse Maggie -- posted by John

My brother Webb has a home nurse who comes here on Mondays to check on him since he got out of the hospital. Unfortunately she might not be coming back since Webb is doing so much better. I hope that doesn't happen. Not that I want Webb to be sick, but because I've looked forward to her visits.

Her name is Maggie but if I had called her anything I would have called her Miss Maggie because Miss [her last name] would have been way too formal because even though she is 28 years old, she seems younger, too young to call her by her last name, and I think she would agree.

Miss Maggie is very pretty with her makeup looking perfectly natural. At first you can't tell she has any on her face because there is no line between her face and her blush. You can't tell where it stops or starts. She wears black eyeliner but it is very clean and elegant, not at all like a raccoon. Her lipstick is perfect. It is the perfect color and it is perfectly put on. I'm telling you, no one would say she isn't very pretty.

She has her own style with her hair in a certain way pinned up artistically. Even though it looks casual, it isn't messy. It is just right with one side hanging down neatly. She wears rings on her fingers with a thick silver band on her thumb in particular.

Miss Maggie's personality is nurse-ish because she was sure to check everything with Webb, but she is also friendly and kind and she has a likable sense of humor. She wasn't too serious but she was serious enough.

We talked about different things and one of the things we talked a little bit about was Sarah Grace's talent for creating whole foods recipes, so before she left, we gave her some fiber bars Sarah had made with oatmeal and homemade raw almond butter. We also gave her some oatmeal cream pies she made but I guess they can't be considered whole foods because of a thin layer of marshmallow cream inside.

We all think Nurse Maggie is a darling and I hope she comes back sometime but not for sickness but for a visit.

I also hope she marries a holy man, a righteous man, who will love her just exactly like Jesus loves the church.

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Unknown said...

John, I am honored! It was very sweet and thoughtful for you to take the time to write about me on your family's website! I am very glad that Webb is feeling better. You have a wonderful family! Thanks again!! Nurse Maggie