Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Facebook Mea Culpa -- posted by Mom

I deactivated my Facebook account this morning. I was the worst Facebooker ever and had been planning to deactivate for awhile when Facebook's new Terms of Service finally sent me over the brink.

To begin with, I always meant to respond to private notes I received but I would invariably forget to do so. Also, I kept getting friend requests from people I didn't, in truth, know. Maybe I went to school with them at some point but I would have felt weird seeing their pictures pop up on an official list of my friends. The fact is I don't have that many friends and the ones I have aren't the Facebook type. So, I was one lonely little social networker.

Furthermore, I don't do causes and charities or wear ribbons or chase do-good deed doing or promote any such thing. I give directly, and I do it in the name of Jesus. Foundations and societies and associations are not God's answer to health or any other problem. Jesus is. I get my healing and deliverance straight from The Healer and The Deliverer himself, and I recommend him, in all his glory, to others as well.

I'm happy to preach the gospel, lay hands on the sick, feed the hungry, care for the fatherless, etc., but I won't be building houses with Habitat for Humanity or collecting food for Harvest Hope. Facebook is rife with causes and stuff. Lots and lots of stuff.

And so, my Facebook experience just wasn't satisfying. In fact, I was starting to dread notices. And that just ain't fittin'.

Goodbye Facebook. I hope you don't use any of my stuff, but since I never trusted you from the get-go, my stuff is cool for public consumption. You just got creepier than I imagined.

P.S. I read Mark Zuckerberg's response to the uproar over the new Terms of Service, and all I can say is that if the TOS doesn't mean what it says, then the wording should be changed to reflect what it does, indeed, mean. Surely they can scare up a lawyer clever enough to find wording that reflects the truth.

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Anonymous said...

I dont do Facebook either. Maybe we should just 'friend' each other as a non-facebookers-group?! Hope things are good with you and yours. Much love s x