Monday, February 16, 2009

Dr. J. Rufus Fears -- posted by John

Until recently, I was the sole member of the family keeping our website alive. Mom wrote about Webb since he went to the hospital and she does her "Overheards" every now and then, but everybody else lost interest.

It's time to pay for my Diaryland site again but I'm not sure it makes sense to have both it and since they have basically the same things now. If I keep it, I want to pay for it with my own money because I would like to do something for our family since my Diaryland is superfluous. Tough decisions have to be made during depressing days. Actually, we are in a recession not a depression. Anyway, it should be my responsibility to pay for it because I want to do my part.

I sent a couple of Valentine's Day ecards to some special ladies but Valentine's Day was way low key around here. Even though Webb has been out of the hospital for a week, we still are weird. He's much better but he isn't sleeping well and he's sore. He fusses at night and cries when he gets a diaper change. Honestly, he screams bloody murder.

James is helping us build a trireme. We have shields but we're still working on helmets. We checked out a stack of books on ancient Greece while we were at the library. It's our favorite time in history. George likes studying WWII the best. I wish I could show you how a phalanx is formed. It has 16 rows with 16 men in each row.

We watch Professor Rufus Fears from The University of Oklahoma on video from The Teaching Company. He is funny and a great storyteller, too! We've never met him but he is a very homey character in our home because the older kids took his course too. We call him Rufus around here. We would never do it to his face though.

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