Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 11 at Palmetto Health Children's Hospital -- posted by Mom

Webb got off his oxygen yesterday. He was on 1.5 liters. While he was sleeping I propped the nasal cannula up on top of his nose and he maintained mid-nineties saturation so they took him off altogether. He stayed in the mid-nineties throughout the night which is excellent since they expect it to dip lower while sleeping. He's sawing logs now at 98%. Yippee.

He pulled out his feeding tube this morning under the watchful eye of his father while I went home to take a shower. Fortunately, he pulled it all the way out rather than feed his lungs Nutren 1.0 formula. I suppose it could have happened even with me here as it was undoubtedly an unstoppable swift yank, but that didn't stop me from teasing Papa and the nurses about their inferior care. Once they put me in charge of his yankauer (affectionately known by me as "the sucky thing"), I became the Florence Nightingale of the fourth floor. I'm unmatched in suction and outwitting Webb's rolling tongue.

The feeding tube is now back in and he's uber perturbed. I just started a Wallace and Gromit DVD in hopes of settling him down. Elmo would surely do the trick but Elmo tempts Mommy to leap from fourth floor windows. I know I should love Elmo based on his merits as my child's favorite character, but I don't. He is an obnoxious, screechy-voiced, giggler.... and his color is garish for everyday wear.... and don't get me started on the whole inner city thing.

After the first three days of no food or sleep, I asked Bill if I was making any sense while speaking with this swarm of medical professionals. He said my sentences were, well, "meandering." Frankly, I feel accomplished by creating sentences at all. I was hallucinating earlier today when I could have sworn I heard our chickens crowing.... in the hospital.... on this here fourth floor.

Looks like we will be going home soon. Webb has another swallow test on Monday. If he passes it we'll stay Monday night to watch how he's eating. If he fails it, we'll take him home on an NG tube for a week and retest the following Monday.

Please join our prayers to Father in Jesus' name that Webb will soon regain his ability to swallow thin liquids. He's great with honey and pudding consistency but that won't keep him hydrated.

[abrupt end to sentence making stamina]

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