Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our Snow Day -- posted by John

Like I said, it snowed! Check out our Dixie snowmen:

We don't normally get snow here in SC so I can tell you that it was thrilling. It was just a dusting, but there was enough to have a dirty snowball fight, and we skated on the deck. We have a very large deck so it was easy to play hockey, and even though we fell and slammed our bottoms, hips, and knees, we had an unforgettable time.

We tried to sled but we soon found out that we were tearing up the grass. The sled actually slid but when we looked back, we realized it took the snow with it. The sled made a snow-less track behind us, but it really did slide! It especially slid on the leaves. We had so much fun!

At one point the snow was coming down hard and we were playing an Arthurian King of the Hill (except there were four kings at a time on top of the dam with swords) and I lifted my shield over my head to block the snow that was beating upon me.

We stayed out most of the day until it all started to melt. I loved the feeling in the air and the smell of the snow. Outside smells wholly different when it's snowing.

The day was like a holiday. We came inside, had hot chocolate, and played games. We played the game of LIFE and I came in last both times. The second time I went to college in hopes of getting ahead but I still came in last. Mom came in next to last and we were the only ones to go to college. At least I got an education.

I learned to play Backgammon also. But my mother is a champion player so I haven't won yet, but I hope to. Mom is teaching me all the best moves so I can win and not always get sent to the bar and have to start over.

We also played Catch Phrase. At first they said I was too young but I kept begging and they finally gave in and let me play. I'm better than they thought I would be, but I haven't won at it either.

Lucky for me, games don't make the man.

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