Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Jeremiah Johnson Life for Me -- posted by John

This is not the post with the rest of the pictures like I said, but I'll get to that as soon as I can.

My holy Aunt Mary, my mom's friend, made a delicious suggestion. You should try it:

1. Thoroughly wash a tangerine.
2. Peel it and divide the segments and save the peeling.
3. Leave the separated segments on the counter until the next day or whenever the outside gets crispy.
4. Make a pot of coffee like a French roast, or do like we did and just make a strong pot of Starbucks.
5. Next, take a tiny bite of tangerine peeling and then a sip of coffee. So good.
6. Later, eat the segments once they are crispy. They'll still be juicy inside but they'll snap when you bite them.

I'm going to try it with hot chocolate next.

We started school up again. I'm still regrouping in math and I hate it. It takes forever and I already know how to do it so it's boriiiing. (Yippee! Mom just said I may skip every other equation! Boohoo... she also said I can't skip any word problems.)

For Christmas we got some 0 degree F sleeping bags and a two room tent! It is HUGE! It is plenty of room for our whole family and we were so much already in the mood because before Christmas we had been watching Jeremiah Johnson with Dad.

Right after Christmas my dad took my mom and all of us to Sportsman's Warehouse to see what our tent looks like already set up, along with other camping and fishing equipment. Going to that store was like getting another Christmas gift! It was so much fun seeing all the tents and gear for hunting and fishing and kayaks and guns and knives. We were there a long time because that store is like a bunch of stores in one.

When the whole family goes camping we can't hike to a campsite until Webb starts walking. But that's okay because Dad can take us hiking to a campsite another time. We want to be with Webb and Mom.

Mom is happy to camp with us as long as she has an air mattress and an automatic drip coffee maker. Sarah only needs a headband. Clean restrooms are nice, too.

It was fun to see all the convenience things you can get for camping, but we wouldn't really want them all because camping would lose its Jeremiah Johnson-ness.

When we came out of Sportsman's Warehouse, Dad told us to look at the moon and we all gasped because it was the brightest and biggest we had ever seen... until we realized it was the Shell service station sign with a tree hiding the shell part! We all laughed at ourselves over that.

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