Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Difficult Week -- posted by John

Webb stopped breathing. It happenened last Monday. It started with him getting a cold. He didn't have a fever but Mom and Dad gave him some Theraflu at 2am on Monday when Mom heard some congestion in his chest. They put him in his thinking chair which is a leather recliner in the den and Mom stayed up with him. He fell asleep so she didn't mess with him since he was breathing easy in his chair. When she went to give him his next dose she felt he was having a raging fever. The thermometer had 103 degrees! While Dad was calling the doctor, Mom sat him up to put his clothes on to go, but when she moved him, he quit breathing and his toes and fingers turned blue! Mom hollered for Dad to call an ambulance. They got here quickly but it felt like a very long time.

Today he got out of PICU which is the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Now he is on the fourth floor. They said at first that it was pneumonia and then they said it wasn't and it kept changing. Four doctors said it was but Webb's doctor said it wasn't. Finally they said the worst thing he had was a kidney infection at the same time and not the congestion after all.

Mom and Webb are like, in a way, the center of the family. It is not the same without them. Mom only comes home to take a shower each morning and she hurries back to Webb. Dad stays with Webb while she's here and he only sleeps here. I don't like it. It's like a pizza without cheese and pepperoni. It's empty.

Sarah has been picking up the discipline around here and she's keeping us in shape. She baked a ham, and Will is helping her cook other food. Most of us have colds but now it is just runny noses going off and on and off and on.

For school, we watched The Teaching Company history videos and I've been writing a paper on ancient Greeks, but I haven't felt like doing much math or anything. I only had a little fever in the beginning but now it is just that runny nose again and again. We've had a few laughs, but it is not as many laughs as it would have been with the whole family.

We've been making Greek weapons and the spear is called a dory. George made a helmet out of a broom brush but we are also making helmets like gladiators. They have two rectangles on the cheek and a nose guard.

Right now I am dictating this to Mom over the phone since I'm not allowed to go on the internet when my parents aren't home. She doesn't change my words so it is still all me here.

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