Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby Come Back! -- posted by John

My Diaryland friend, Mrs. Sarah, has a broken laptop so she hasn't been leaving any comments on my journal. I wrote her an email that said this: "Dear Mrs. Sarah, Get your computer fixed! Love, Johnny" Then I had a link to this:

Get it? Baby Come Back?

She called me Bossy-Boots when she answered me!

Tonight we young guns and Dad got stuck in the middle of the Interstate in the van. We had to call AAA to get us. While we were waiting, it got very cold but fortunately we found some jackets in the van that fit well enough to keep us warm. I never had that happen to me before. Getting stranded was kind of fun. The tow truck got there sooner than they said so we didn't suffer too much. We just got a little bored.

Today Mom collected all our ski pants and jackets for us to try on in case it snows this year. George has been praying every day now for a good snow, so she got us all set. Last time he prayed for snow, it started snowing while he was praying! It only snowed enough to make a muddy snowman with pinestraw sticking out of it though. She also collected candles and oil lamps in case the power goes out when it snows. Sometimes we get ice with it.

We still have our Christmas tree up. It is still drinking water and since we got it late, we wanted to enjoy it a little more. You can see our beautiful tree if you click back to Christmas pictures, or scroll down if you are reading this on

Oh, by the way, our Gators won the BCS National Championship!

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