Friday, November 14, 2008

Fervent Brotherly Love -- posted by John

In case you missed the addition to my last entry about my exciting birthday, I'm adding it here before the start of this week's entry:

From 11/02/08

"NEWSFLASH: My birthday was yesterday when I wrote this post and I thought it couldn't get any better but today I got a package from Mrs. Sarah in England! You're not going to believe this but she sent me a package of birthday presents! I didn't even know she knew it was my birthday! She sent me a happy rainbow mini kite in a tiny nylon pack that folds up easily. It doesn't have rods and all and it is like a wind sock sort of. It is perfect for our kite flying outing! She also sent beautiful glossy magazines from her hometown and we have already been looking through them. She sent fine organic chocolate bars and I felt like Charlie Bucket breaking off pieces for my family. It is so smooth and creamy! Next was a package of freeze-dried astronaut ice cream! Isn't that interesting! Where on earth did she get that? She also put birthday balloons and candles that say Happy Birthday and stickers, too! Do you want to know another perfect gift for me? Mrs. Sarah got me an Indian cookbook, too! Do you remember when we made the Jalfrezi recipe she gave us? It was so delicious! I feel so full of emotion that I can't describe it. Thank you so much my dear friends."

Fervent Brotherly Love by Johnny Caker 11/14/08

Last Friday evening my mother and father came in the house quickly with a large black trash bag trash bag and a birthday gift bag. I opened the gift bag first and it had all sorts of camping equipment! It had amazing items that would come in handy like a lantern and a camp shovel and water purifying tablets and an old timey fire starter and all sorts of cool things!

Then I opened the black bag and it had a huge set of camping cookware! It looks like the stars in the sky because it is blue enamel with white speckles! The reason my parents were in such a hurry was because Dad was taking us camping again for my birthday and to try out the new stuff!

Some days have a lot of exclamation points that you can't help even when you try not to overdo them. And last Friday was one of those days!

Mom quickly washed the cookware and Sarah Grace had already started the chili and put it in my new kettle with the lid. We also had popcorn to pop over the campfire in the black popcorn popper that hangs by a nail on our brick fireplace year round. Again we ate roasted marshmallows.

We sang some praise songs before we turned in and I was much better than last time. It was much warmer as it only went down to the mid-fifties. It rained a little during the night but I slept through it. My feet and ankles stayed warm this time.

When we woke up we chopped firewood since the woodpile at the house was getting low. We chopped wood until they called us in for breakfast. We had bacon, eggs, stone ground yellow grits (Great flavor! I hate white grits.), and Sarah's famous whole wheat biscuits.

After Bible time on Sunday we were all talking about fervent love. Mom reminded us boys that we should never become aloof or cool in our relationships with each other and that we should be always happy to give each other big bear hugs when we greet each other. We can squeeze tight and even jiggle each other like we do, but not to let it get painful with hard noogies or collapsing violently, on the floor or chair, into wrestling. We can gently lift Mom and Sarah off their feet a little with exuberant affection but not get rough or have disrespectful manners. It was a great time of stirring up affection in us.

After that, I had fervent love on my mind and I was talking to Webb before he fell asleep because he looked lonely. As I was lying there with my eyes closed, I overheard George and Richard talking about the Lord. Richard would tell George a Bible story he knew and then George would tell Richard what he knew. They took turns telling each other about the goodness of Jesus. I laid there amazed at all they knew, and I felt a nice warmth inside from hearing them.

By the way, gas is down to $1.53 for a gallon here.

Sarah Grace and James started their dance classes and Sarah Grace is going to teach me what they learn. They are learning the East Coast Swing which is similar to the Jitterbug but not as wild.

Our state dance is called The Shag and everybody here knows it. When we have festivals and street dances, grandmothers dance with grandsons, and sisters dance with brothers and dads, and moms dance with sons, and uncles dance with nieces- the whole family gets in on it! I can't wait to learn it all. The Shag is danced to Beach Music which is a kind of music here.

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