Monday, October 20, 2008

Riesling Blue -- posted by John

Riesling blue (that's what I call it) is my favorite color. It is the color of the smooth, slender Riesling wine bottle that Mom sometimes buys at Sam's. I wish I could get colored pencils that could color in that color and I wish I could buy clothing in that color but I've only seen it come in glass. It might be that the glass is what makes the color so beautiful. So, I think we should all wear glass shirts and color with glass pencils. As Monk would say, "Lol out loud."

We took sheep to auction on Saturday. As we were taking the sheep to the trailer, Uncle Bob was spitting on us like crazy. He does that if he gets really troubled and thinks we are harming the sheep. One time we were shearing the sheep and he thought we were hurting one because she was squirming around and he came up to me, collected his spit in his mouth, and then blew it in my face. I said, "Bobby, what did you want to do that for?" And then he blew his nose on me! It's like a shotgun spray that spreads out like a shower. So, we got showered with each sheep we loaded up in the trailer on Saturday.

We went to my Ma's house yesterday for supper and Bible study and guess what I saw? In a beautiful glass dome my Ma has a treasured gold pocket watch that belonged to one of our ancestors. It hangs from a hook in the top of the dome. I have always loved looking at that watch. Last night when I went over to look at that watch, I noticed that on the stand that holds up the dome my Ma put the beautiful emerald ring I made her. I told you she loved it! She is keeping it in the place of honor with the golden watch. When I saw it there under the glass dome, my heart burst with pride!

A funny thing happened at supper. My sister makes very delicious healthy food and she makes our salad dressing from scratch. Our favorite is her honey mustard dressing made with yogurt. Mom even told Ma to give it a taste because it is so creamy good. Mom tasted it at the same time and guess what? Sarah Grace had left out the honey! What's really funny is that we boys had it on our salad and didn't even notice! I remember thinking it wasn't as thick as usual and it tasted more mustardy than usual. Thankfully Sarah wasn't too embarrassed and it didn't make her feel bad. She thought it was funny and not surprising because it had been a busy day and Richard woke her up in the middle of the night and she never fell back asleep. Even great cooks can forget things!

I've got to go pack now because I'm going on Dad's business trip to Florida with Sarah Grace and James. We're going to a restaurant that serves alligator and snake and frog legs. I can't wait!

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