Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Septic Tank -- posted by John

A while ago I was doing schoolwork on my parents bed while my father was making business calls at his desk. Mom was resting while Sarah Grace was tickling her head on the sofa. I typed out my entire post on my computer and the entire thing got deleted. Mom kept trying to find it no matter how hard I tried to convince her it was lost. I was right.

Our septic tank got filled up today so Dad called the septic tank people to come pump it out. We watched a history lecture from The Teaching Company while they pumped it. They had to remove the steps that go from the deck to the pond and then they had to dig down to the lid. Our steps are attached by big bolts, so they are easily removed.

Mom says septic tank people do noble work and I have to agree with her. Septic tank work is something that has to be done by someone, and we should be thankful for him. They have to deal with sewage by pumping it out everyday and then they have to go dump it at the waste water plant. It is not a pleasant job.

I think it would be the perfect job for my dad, if he ever needed to get another one, since some bankers are losing their jobs, and he is a banker. We are in a financial crisis and that is bad because we have eight children and some debt that needs to be paid. It would be perfect for him because while he was using the auger to make sure it wasn't a clog, he couldn't smell it! Some smells my dad can't smell. That's why he is just the one to change diapers, too.

Yesterday and the day before was Richard and my Ma's birthday. I wrapped all the packages and I did a fine job of it. George helped me by handing me the tape while I held the paper nice and tight. He handed me the scissors too.

For my grandmother's present, I made her a beautiful ring and she LOVED it! I bet she is wearing it right now on her middle finger. I found a circular piece of metal that may be a key ring. I took a strip of red duct tape and rolled it around backward on the metal ring. Then I took a nice plastic emerald I found in the craft tower and I stuck it on the tape. I put it in a ring box and wrapped it up and then I put it in a gift bag. Richard gave her a heart he cut out and some red string with it. George boiled her four eggs from our chickens because she loves boiled eggs.

We had a party at Ma's house last night and we played pool upstairs over her garage. Each one of us playing won at least once.

Mrs. Dee was there, too, and she ate with us and had cake and then we had Bible time all together.

Mrs. Dee had to leave first because she stays at night with a lady that is a new widow who can't see well and shouldn't stay alone. Mrs. Dee is a widow too.

One of my mom's favorite things in all her life is when I write my posts. She told me that today when she was searching my computer for my lost entry. I just love that. It made me feel so loved when she said it. She also loves it when I laugh and talk at the same time. She says my eyes twinkle. She told me that today too.

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Ali Cato said...

What a great point you make about septic tank cleaners being a noble career. You are right- someone has to do it!