Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Poorly Blanket -- posted by John

My British friend, Mrs. Sarah (I believe you've heard of her in recent posts. I send her my clippings like Eli Cash sent Etheline Tenenbaum his clippings*, lol), told me a wonderful story. She told me about how her granny made a blanket out of scrap pieces of wool and they call it The Poorly Blanket. When her family feels poorly, they curl up under it on the sofa.

When I read that, I really wanted us to have a poorly blanket, too. Since most of us crochet, we could each make a part of it, only we'd have to buy some of the yarn since we don't have enough scraps, but that's okay. Or maybe we could spin the yarn from our own sheep!

One time Dad and Mom took The Big Four to see Les Miserables at The Koger Center. They brought us Young Guns t-shirts and coffee mugs even though Mom and Dad don't like wasting money on souvenirs. I know Mom felt so sad that the whole family couldn't go and she bought us a bunch of stuff.

At the same time that we got the mugs, the whole family got a stomach bug. We drank our herbal tea out of those mugs. That amused us because we were "les miserables!"

I'm remembering this because on Saturday we were planning on going to Hilton Head but a hurricane came plus some of us got a stomach bug again! We get a stomach bug every couple of years, I think. This time I haven't gotten it and I'm not planning to! Last time I thought I was going to die. I thought it was the end for me.

I guess our Les Miserables mugs are like poorly blankets, in a way, but wouldn't it be cool to sip tea in a Les Miz cup while cozying up under a poorly blanket, while watching NCAA football?

*Warning: The Royal Tenenbaums is NOT a children's movie. There are bad parts that I have to turn my head at even with the TV version but I just love that movie even though I hate the ending.

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