Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Love Never Fails -- posted by John

I saw Maverick again with James Garner and Mel Gibson and Jody Foster. I think she's pretty the way she tosses her hair and I love her Southern accent! We've been playing cards again since we saw it. It puts us in the mood, but we don't know how to play poker, so we play rummy. Dad said he will teach us sometime but he hasn't yet.

Nothing interesting has happened with me; I'm a book with no pages. Since I've got nothing, I will tell you something interesting about my mother instead.

My dad goes out of town three days of the week and on the days he's gone she reads the Bible to us and teaches us about life and she sometimes gets on a roll. We read the Bible when my father is at home, too, but I think she takes her time when he's gone since when he's here he has to go to work.

Today she decided to teach us about love. She got it on her mind because she heard Dr. Phil was teaching people how to get over people who have hurt them and to move on with their lives. (Although Mom accidentally called him Uncle Phil when she started her story. Lol.) Mom said that what he said is impossible to do for Christians who have a new heart. The new holy heart can't get over people. The new holy heart has love that never fails.

We have had a lot of family and friends who have ditched us and we still love them and pray all the time that God will bring them back to us. And we always will!

My Aunt Mary's husband has been remarried three times and some of her children are on again off again with her. She loves Jesus and she can never give up on them or get over them. She and her husband were married first to each other and God says only death ends a first marriage. Some people don't agree with God on that, but he's right whether they agree or not.

Mom said that we can't help it that we can't get over them and we can't move on. I Corinthians 13 says that "love beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things."

So, Dr. Phil was very wrong to teach people to move on with their lives. It is not wrong to keep a broken heart when the ones you love are missing or don't love you or are evil. Maybe we can't have such a good time when we are missing people or longing for the ones we love, but God didn't put us here for just good times.

Listen, Jesus is coming back suddenly so it is more important to agree with him than anything else in the world. We've been reading The Revelation and if you don't totally belong to Jesus, then your teeth will be chattering when you read about the tribulation in that book. So I beg you to don't put it off.

How would you feel if someone you love said they never wanted to talk to you again? My mother has had that happen and it was her own father! I have grandparents I've never met but I love them all the same and I will always hope that one day they'll love me.

My dad's father told me he wanted to meet me, too, when my sister put me on the phone so I could get to tell him I wanted to meet him, but that was a long time ago and he won't talk to us even though we want to talk to them. I just wish I could sit down to a cup of coffee, in their house, at least, so I could see his face and my grandmother's face and then leave if they don't want to be with me.

I know my parents will always love me and I'm very thankful that I don't have to dread ever breaking up with them, but I can't get over my mom's father not loving my mother and my dad's parents not wanting us.

The Bible says that you can tell the real Christians from the phony Christians by their love, and I know we love people who hate us, and we just want to be reconciled and hold each other.

Anyway, while Sarah Grace was taking her guitar lesson on the webcam, I read The Wind in the Willows to Mom because it is one of her favorite books. Mom and I think it has some of the best sentences in the whole world.

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