Monday, September 22, 2008

The Economy -- posted by John

My Dad has been explaining the economy to us and what has happened on Wall Street. He even wrote a post on our family website! You can see it at [This post is from my journal. See Dad's post below.]

He usually doesn't write much on there but we've been having great conversations and Mom asked him to write some of it down since all of us weren't here for it. I also told him about Mrs. Sarah having to pay over $9/gal for gasoline!

Dad said all politicians will disappoint you, the trick is voting for the politician that you think will disappoint you the least.

It makes me so mad that the Federal government can take money from the productive people and give it to people who are not productive. If you reward people for being unproductive you'll get more of it, and you'll get more people to not be productive. Why would people want to work hard for something they could get for free?

These taxers think we are wealthy people, but we are not. I'm not going to say we are poor, but we are medium. If we get taxed more and more, we won't be able to start our family business that we want.

Mom made Dad some fried eggs for breakfast. Fried eggs look so sunny and happy, just like something a good farmer should eat every morning.

Ma found a farmer who grows Henderson Bush butterbeans. She bought a bushel or more and we had some the other night. They are so delicious. He also pulled up some peanuts and she gave us enough to almost fill our large stock pot. We ate boiled peanuts while watching football games on Saturday. That is so homey.

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