Friday, September 26, 2008

Bella Notte -- posted by John

We watched The Three Amigos last night and today I can only find my left holster for my revolver. That is making it difficult for me to spin my revolver on my finger. We pulled out our holsters after seeing Tombstone last week. Those are both great movies and they sure put you in a Western mood. After practicing a lot, I was a faster draw than George this morning even though it was left handed. We actually have a black sombrero like the ones in The Three Amigos, that we got in Mexico. Unfortunately we only have one, not three.

Last night I made the recipe Mrs. Sarah gave me for an Indian dish. It is an India Indian dish, not an American Indian dish. I was a little confused on that at first.

The dish is called Jalfrezi and it has spicy spices like chilies and sweet spices like cloves and cinnamon which seemed like it would be weird but it was exceptional! We also made rice with turmeric (which can really stain your clothes so be careful) and sauteed almonds and raisins. We didn't make the Indian sides yet; we just steamed broccoli. It was so good!

Everybody loved the dish and told me to thank Mrs. Sarah for the recipe. Her e-mail to me was named Johnny Caker Curry Maker! That sounds like a nursery rhyme to me.

Will and Spencer and Dad raved over it. Actually, everybody raved over it. Next time we will go a little spicier. We thought it might be too spicy for the little kids but it wasn't really spicy even though it smelled like it would be while it was cooking. We cooked it in the slow cooker and it was so tender and good.

I love spicy food. Sarah Grace made jalapeno poppers all summer because we over-planted jalapeno peppers. I could eat them everyday.

Today is Mom and Dad's anniversary. I can't make a cake because Spencer's birthday was the 22nd and George's is the 28th. That would be three cakes in one week!

George will probably play Bella Notte from Lady and the Tramp on his accordion for Mom and Dad to slow dance. It is a tradition.

Here are the lyrics:

Oh this is the night, it's a beautiful night
And we call it bella notte
Look at the skies, they have stars in their eyes
On this lovely bella notte.
Side by side with your loved one,
You'll find enchantment here.
The night will weave its magic spell,
When the one you love is near!
Oh this is the night, and the heavens are right!
On this lovely bella notte!

I used to always get up on a stool in the kitchen and make up love songs while my parents slow danced when Dad got home from work. The lyrics would go like this: My parents love each other, and they love meeee, and our love will never die, and we'll always live in harmonyyyyy. I made up the tune with it. It was all original.

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