Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tickle Town -- dictated by Richard

Daddy got hurt when he took me to Tickle Town; I accidentally poked him in the eye.

A long time ago I lost my camera but then I found it and now I lost it again.

Yesterday I got a scratch on my face because Georgi tripped me. I felt like I wasn't human and I had a fection like The Phantom. It got my cookie monster shirt dirty.

Last night I helped make salad with me and John and Georgi. I opened a can of black olives and I got stuff. John was the captain.

We got CATS.... meeeooooow!

We got Kidnapped, the movie, because we read the book-- 'cept I slept through it all-- the book and the movie.

I got a box full of paint because Mommy bought it for me! Yippee!

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