Monday, August 4, 2008

The Phantom of the Opera -- posted by John

As we were watching The Phantom of the Opera on Saturday night, a big thunderstorm started brewing. We could easily see the lightning because our den has tall ceilings and huge windows facing the pond and we have a wall of windows on both sides and up above in the loft behind the fireplace. The lightning was lighting up the room and the thunder was booming with the music. It got closer and closer and louder and louder and by the time The Phantom was taking Christine to his secret lair, we heard a loud crash and the power went out. Seriously, it was at the part where she hits a high note while he's pushing the gondola with that long stick.

We quickly found some candles and a lighter and some lanterns and our den ended up looking like the opera house. We waited, hoping the power company would get the power back on so we could see the rest of the movie. It wasn't until 6am the next morning before they got it on.

Thankfully it didn't get knocked off of the DVR. We watched the rest of it the next day, but it didn't have the same feeling.

I love this musical! It is playing on Broadway in New York City and I would love to go see it. Dad has a lot of Marriott reward points and we can get hotel rooms for free. We can't get free show tickets or food or the gas to get up there though. I wish I'd seen it on stage before I saw the movie but, c'est la vie!

I had mixed feelings for The Phantom but Christine was loving and she was gorgeous with great talent.

In Christine's debut performance she has the dress and starbursts in her hair just like a portrait of Empress Sissi of Austria.

Carlotta was very funny but prideful.

I can't get the music out of my mind. I can't get the story out of my mind either.

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