Sunday, August 31, 2008

George's Big Post -- dictated by George

We went to Mrs. Stafford's to give her a magazine.

The Gators won a game this season. Every time they'd have a big run, everyone would jump up screaming with their lungs wiggling.

Punkin was an outside cat but now he is an inside cat. Now, if he's in your house and he's sitting down, and if he gets on the chair, he crawls all around you, around your head and all the way to your feet. Then when he gets off and goes away it is to eat food.

Macy has been here for a very long time, like 1888, and if you put a rope in front of her and move it, she will go furious thinking it is a thing that doesn't belong in the house.

If you know my brother, John, from his posts, you wouldn't believe what friends he is with me.

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