Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Don't Cry For Me South Carolina -- posted by John

We watched the making of The Phantom of the Opera last night. They showed the real opera house and that was very interesting. They also showed how they made the sets and that was fascinating. I was amazed to learn that the background of the city in the scene from the roof was a painting! It looked very real.

I watched some of Evita last night but I fell asleep during one of her long song/speeches.

Antonio Banderas's character didn't like Evita but I'm not sure why yet. Mom said that people have different opinions on government and he didn't like hers. Dad will have to explain it to me when he gets home because all she knows is that Eva Peron was much loved and much hated and she was a great dresser. That is all she knows except that maybe Evita was a fascist but she's not sure.

We like republics but God always liked monarchies in the Bible. Mom said they are all faulty and we should just look forward to when Jesus sets up his Kingdom.

C.K. Dexter Haven, our golden retriever, got neutered and I was in charge of his care. He had to wear an Elizabethan collar for 14 days. I had to give him capsules hidden in peanut butter and put on his ointment. It was a much bigger deal than Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob was tranquilized, fixed, and done.

The only TV show we watch is Psych. We record it on Friday night and watch it until the next Friday night.

The main character's name is Shawn and he is so funny and his best friend's name is Burton Guster but he calls him Gus. Each episode he makes a funny nickname for Gus like "Chesterfield McMillan" or "my candystriper, Knick Knack." That show is so funny! You can see it on USA network.

P.S. Mom said I should clarify that Uncle Bob is our llama.

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