Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm in Columbia Metropolitan Magazine! -- posted by John

Columbia Metropolitan Magazine did an article on exotic pets, and they have a section on Uncle Bob, our llama! Our part is on pages 46 and 47. They quoted me the most, I think, from my journal. You can see my post here. If you want to see the whole article, you can look at Columbia Metropolitan Magazine's September issue. (Mrs. Sarah, my mom bought a copy for you since you are in England and can't see it yourself!) Maybe if any of my regular readers would like a copy, we might could send you one if you give us your address. Most of my regular readers haven't told me who they are yet. Guestbook is broken but you could send me an email because I know you're excited for me. For all of y'all here, you can pick up a copy at Earthfare, Edventure, Happy Bookseller, the Marriott Hotel gift shop, the St. Andrews Newsstand and any Books a Million.

Punkin, a stray cat that we saved, is now an inside cat. His mother abandoned him and his brother so we took them in and fed them bottles, but his brother died. He spent the night in a cage with his dead brother. Dad said that was quite a Dickensian start.

That means a poor and pitiful start like the characters in Charles Dickens' books. I watched Oliver after he said that- another musical!

Punkin is affectionate. Before we let him in, he sat at the doorstep every day waiting for us to come out, and he would follow us at our foot pace to do our chores.

One time Mom took Webb out to the sheep pen in his wheelchair to watch Dad and James shear the sheep. Punkin jumped in his lap and then he climbed onto his shoulders and looped his tail around his neck and then across his eyes and then he laid across his shoulders to snooze.

Dad said he always sat in his lap while he put on his work boots on the stairs. He really loves him. He's always letting him in his lap and petting him. He carries him around all the time. He gets caught up in your feet, too. He tripped me one time and when I fell he came to my face and rubbed his head into my cheek. He loves people! I'm really glad that he has come indoors.

I saw the crochet stuff in the attic today and I'm going to start a new scarf for Autumn.

George's Big Post -- dictated by George

We went to Mrs. Stafford's to give her a magazine.

The Gators won a game this season. Every time they'd have a big run, everyone would jump up screaming with their lungs wiggling.

Punkin was an outside cat but now he is an inside cat. Now, if he's in your house and he's sitting down, and if he gets on the chair, he crawls all around you, around your head and all the way to your feet. Then when he gets off and goes away it is to eat food.

Macy has been here for a very long time, like 1888, and if you put a rope in front of her and move it, she will go furious thinking it is a thing that doesn't belong in the house.

If you know my brother, John, from his posts, you wouldn't believe what friends he is with me.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Don't Cry For Me South Carolina -- posted by John

We watched the making of The Phantom of the Opera last night. They showed the real opera house and that was very interesting. They also showed how they made the sets and that was fascinating. I was amazed to learn that the background of the city in the scene from the roof was a painting! It looked very real.

I watched some of Evita last night but I fell asleep during one of her long song/speeches.

Antonio Banderas's character didn't like Evita but I'm not sure why yet. Mom said that people have different opinions on government and he didn't like hers. Dad will have to explain it to me when he gets home because all she knows is that Eva Peron was much loved and much hated and she was a great dresser. That is all she knows except that maybe Evita was a fascist but she's not sure.

We like republics but God always liked monarchies in the Bible. Mom said they are all faulty and we should just look forward to when Jesus sets up his Kingdom.

C.K. Dexter Haven, our golden retriever, got neutered and I was in charge of his care. He had to wear an Elizabethan collar for 14 days. I had to give him capsules hidden in peanut butter and put on his ointment. It was a much bigger deal than Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob was tranquilized, fixed, and done.

The only TV show we watch is Psych. We record it on Friday night and watch it until the next Friday night.

The main character's name is Shawn and he is so funny and his best friend's name is Burton Guster but he calls him Gus. Each episode he makes a funny nickname for Gus like "Chesterfield McMillan" or "my candystriper, Knick Knack." That show is so funny! You can see it on USA network.

P.S. Mom said I should clarify that Uncle Bob is our llama.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Overheard -- posted by Mom


John the Informant: "Richard has dressed up and is pretending to be a nun!"

Richard, in full habit: "No I not, I a Musketeer in disguise."


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tickle Town -- dictated by Richard

Daddy got hurt when he took me to Tickle Town; I accidentally poked him in the eye.

A long time ago I lost my camera but then I found it and now I lost it again.

Yesterday I got a scratch on my face because Georgi tripped me. I felt like I wasn't human and I had a fection like The Phantom. It got my cookie monster shirt dirty.

Last night I helped make salad with me and John and Georgi. I opened a can of black olives and I got stuff. John was the captain.

We got CATS.... meeeooooow!

We got Kidnapped, the movie, because we read the book-- 'cept I slept through it all-- the book and the movie.

I got a box full of paint because Mommy bought it for me! Yippee!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Overheard -- posted by Mom


Spencer: "Richard, why are you afraid of the Phantom of the Opera; what do you think he'd do to you?"

Richard, deadly serious: "I think he's going to tortunate me and turn me to bones.... or make me into one of those clapping monkeys."


John, lamenting after being stopped from playing a non-sequential run in Rummy: "But they're all in the same coat!"

Dad: "I think you mean 'suit', Son."


Sarah Grace: "The Phantom looks the hottest when he's first taking Christine to his lair."

James: "I can't stand that scene; he's 'blue-steeling' it up the whole time.

Spencer: "James, you'd be 'blue-steeling' it up too if you were working with only half a face."


Dad, after smokin' the Young Guns at Go Fish: "Boys, you've been hustled. You didn't know I played Go Fish on a Mississippi riverboat before I met your mother."

John, breathless with excitement: "You mean you were like James Garner in that movie we saw?" [Maverick]


George, upon tasting Sarah's homemade cream cheese: "So, what makes this cream cheese homemade?"

Richard, oh-so-matter-of-factly: "Because.... she made it.... at home."


Monday, August 4, 2008

The Phantom of the Opera -- posted by John

As we were watching The Phantom of the Opera on Saturday night, a big thunderstorm started brewing. We could easily see the lightning because our den has tall ceilings and huge windows facing the pond and we have a wall of windows on both sides and up above in the loft behind the fireplace. The lightning was lighting up the room and the thunder was booming with the music. It got closer and closer and louder and louder and by the time The Phantom was taking Christine to his secret lair, we heard a loud crash and the power went out. Seriously, it was at the part where she hits a high note while he's pushing the gondola with that long stick.

We quickly found some candles and a lighter and some lanterns and our den ended up looking like the opera house. We waited, hoping the power company would get the power back on so we could see the rest of the movie. It wasn't until 6am the next morning before they got it on.

Thankfully it didn't get knocked off of the DVR. We watched the rest of it the next day, but it didn't have the same feeling.

I love this musical! It is playing on Broadway in New York City and I would love to go see it. Dad has a lot of Marriott reward points and we can get hotel rooms for free. We can't get free show tickets or food or the gas to get up there though. I wish I'd seen it on stage before I saw the movie but, c'est la vie!

I had mixed feelings for The Phantom but Christine was loving and she was gorgeous with great talent.

In Christine's debut performance she has the dress and starbursts in her hair just like a portrait of Empress Sissi of Austria.

Carlotta was very funny but prideful.

I can't get the music out of my mind. I can't get the story out of my mind either.