Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My July -- posted by John

So, do you like the jazz? I love jazz, especially when the black people do it. I love the jazzy jazz of the saxophone and the clarinet and the trumpet. You should see Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie on YouTube. Their cheeks puff up like shiny eight balls. They can really blow!

I've always wanted to kiss a girl on a boat in the rain, not a thunderstorm though. I saw a movie called The Notebook a long time ago and there was a scene of kissing in the rain that stuck with me.

I met a friend named Ryan at All American Sports Camp and I got a crush on one of my teachers. She played one on one basketball with me twice. I won one and she almost won the other except we had to quit because we ran out of time.

Sarah's graduation was nice. I got to meet Jonathan, Josh, Uncle Bubba, Stuck with the butter colored hair, and Carlton. I met Patrick, the director, and when Mom met him I saw her almost pinch his cheek because she thinks he's cute. I was thinking, "No, Mom, don't pinch his cheek!" She didn't, but I saw her thumb and finger headed to his face. Patrick was neatly shaved.

We went to dinner at Al's Upstairs and I had filet mignon. For once, the children's menu had more than mac and cheese and chicken fingers! My sides were steamed broccoli and carrots with seasoned mashed potatoes. For dessert I had New York cheesecake.

At the end I got a bad stomachache. I know it was from all the excitement. I felt better before we left though. Our table had a white tablecloth with candles and plates with olive oil for the bread. We blew out the candles because Ma is on oxygen. We wouldn't want her to blow!

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