Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My First Post -- posted by Richard (as dictated to Mom)

My name is Richard. Today I have a class. I love my teacher. In my class there a bully. He blow on me when I try to do something. I love doing push-ups. My brother James have a class, too. And my brother Spencer have a class, too. They class is football. On this day I bring food with me. On this day we went to Hardees. And, one day we saw a turtle. Before we got it, they were bad weather. We found it in a puddle. On July 2nd it were my brother Will birthday. My brother James have school for painting. I have six brothers and one sister. We have a pond. We love playing football. We always did that in the yard. Today when I went to school I cried because my mommy weren't there. My teacher say "suck it up" and "if you cry, you mommy won't be here." My family buy more chickens because somebody take our chickens. In my school there is a playground.

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