Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Suwannee! -- posted by John

A wonderful thing happened to me. My friend, Mrs. Sarah from Diaryland, sent me postcards from England and a CD of her musician husband! Her husband is a great, great, great musician and he is somewhat famous in England. He signed the CD and she signed the cover. She said she hopes I enjoy the CD as much as she enjoys reading my journal! It made me feel touched that someone as nice as her would say something like that. I have really enjoyed the CD but I have a few more songs to go.

Mrs. Sarah is a great writer, too. I'm not allowed to read journals on Diaryland but she writes notes to me and sends me emails. Her emails and notes are so warm, and she's interested in me! We all read her notes and we read them to my grandmother, too.

Some people are too busy for other people but my Aunt Mary always says our personalities should be interesting and interested.

Last night we had squash and zucchini from our garden. I help Spencer water the garden every day. We've gotten tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers and eggplant. Sarah Grace made gazpacho and all sorts of dips with vegetables from the garden. I love it. It tastes so fresh. We also have blackberries and blueberries for pancakes and pies.

I watched Steel Magnolias again. I really love that movie because the characters are from the South but their accents are terrible except for Dolly Parton's. The scene after the funeral with Shelby's mother always makes me cry when I see my mom crying over it. She cries every single time.

There are a lot of Southern expressions in that movie that make it homey for me. Did you know it was written by a man from Louisiana whose sister died from diabetes? He must have already known Southern things like when Miz Clairee says, "That man! I suwannee, I don't know how M'Lynn puts up with that!" There are a lot of funny scenes in that movie that we quote all the time.

We quote a lot from Princess Bride too.

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