Monday, June 23, 2008

Through the Time Zones -- posted by John

I made another friend on Diaryland named Mrs. Sarah and she writes me notes and I write her back. Although, for some reason, my notes to her posted twice. Mrs. Sarah's so nice, it posted twice! She thinks I'm a gentleman because I say Mrs. Sarah instead of just Sarah. I am a gentleman, but the truth is most real Southern kids say "Mr." and "Mrs." to adults and we say "Yes, Ma'am" and "Yes, Sir". It took one of my brothers a long time to get in the habit, but we kept working with him.

There are lots of rules to good manners but if you forget, just remember the most important rule is to let others go first, and love your neighbor as yourself. Unfortunately, we've all watched the last piece of cake go bad because no one wanted to eat the last piece. You should always yield to others, but please don't let the cake go bad!

It's weird to think about Mrs. Sarah being 5 hours ahead of us and Ms. Maggie Mae is an hour behind us. I looked it up on The World Clock and our globe. *waving through the time zones to Mrs. Sarah and Ms. Maggie* (even though Mrs. Sarah might be asleep now)

Sometimes I meet people online and they read my journal for awhile and then quit. That always makes me so sad because I feel like I have room for everyone.

I watched A Knight's Tale again. It is very confusing because it has some things from nowadays, like music.

It was shocking to see Heath Ledger, and I just kept thinking about how he is dead now.

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