Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Carry You Home -- posted by John

Last week I got to listen to Rhapsody with Mom. She showed me Eric Clapton. Eric Clapton wrote a heartbreaking song about his little boy who died when he fell out of a tall apartment building. The little boy was running around while a worker was working on the bathroom and had a large window open. I cried when I heard that song.

I heard a lot of Eric Clapton songs. One about a girl named Sally and one about a girl named Layla, and some others, but I felt the one about his son the most.

Eric Clapton wasn't married to the little boy's mother. I don't understand that, and I didn't think it was possible, but Mom said it happens.

I showed Mom James Blunt's new song called Carry You Home. It is about a girl he is watching die and he promises to carry her home. It is one of my favorite songs.

James Blunt used to be like a minor Baldwin brother that I didn't really care about, but then when I heard more of his songs, I started to like him and now I would like that CD for my birthday in November.

That song makes me think about what I would feel if I had a wife and she was dying before my eyes. Songs can really churn up a lot of emotion in me.

Yesterday I slept from lunch to supper. I know it was because of how hard I worked over the weekend. It was the final weekend of building the dog pen and we worked on it from dawn until dusk.

My job was to get all the brush and yard trash out of the area and I helped dad build the gate. The older boys cemented posts and drove in t-posts and installed the horse fence. Dad also helped them.

After sleeping most of the day, I got up during the night because I couldn't sleep. I thought about surprising Mom by cleaning up the house but all the lights were out, so I thought "oh, bummer" and I just laid there and thought about stuff. Next thing I knew it was breakfast time and farm chores.

I met a lady online who likes my journal. I think she liked my last entry about Sarah Grace. Hi, Miss Maggie! I'm glad your real name is Maggie. I love it!

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