Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Sarah Grace! -- posted by John

Today is my sister Sarah Grace's nineteenth birthday. I picked two very pretty wine bottles and put wild flowers in them for her. I also drew a card with a big red rose and wrote the words "Just can't take my eyes off of you!" from one of her favorite songs. I also made a bow from velvet ribbon myself. She laughed when she saw it.
I'm including the tribute I wrote for her last year because it is still true today. She's just one year better!

Yesterday was Sarah's 18th birthday. We haven't celebrated yet because we are taking her to The Olive Garden on Thursday night, although we did have cake last night.
Sarah Grace does a lot of work around here. She is in charge of all things laundry, she does half of the cooking, she runs the farm, she makes soap and detergent and stain remover and wipes and she sews and makes things nice. She is a hard working girl!
In the morning Sarah feeds and milks the goats. A little black cat with brown smudged splotches always follows her because Sarah gives her a few squirts to drink while she's milking. She is very kind to animals and they love her. She named one of the ewes "Puppy" because the ewe is affectionate like a puppy wanting to be petted.
Sarah is very smart in school, too. She may be a vet or a midwife or whatever she wants, but Mom and Dad are happy for her to stay here until she gets married. Dad would never send her into the world to take care of herself or to get a job-- no way! Dad teaches us boys that we should always take care of the women in our lives.
Noble men pay for their wives and mothers and sisters and daughters and their wife's mother and aunts and any other women relatives I may have forgotten about. Some women's husbands die or they get ditched by their husbands. Noble men take care of their women.
Sarah Grace is very beautiful. She has blonde hair and bluish grey eyes. She also has a nice figure and a beautiful smile. She is much, much, prettier in real life than she is in pictures.
Sarah also has a super sense of humor. She says funny things a lot. She has great one-liners that crack us up. She and Spencer have clever, dry humor. You can tell she's smart from her jokes. Sarah Grace is fun, but honorable.
I used to sleep with Sarah and we had a big relationship together, but Richard sleeps with her and he's her baby now. I'm glad I had that special time with her. She changed my diapers and made my food. Oh, she made such good food! I'll never forget my time with her.
Sarah is talented, too. She can sing and play instruments and make things and her hand stitches are perfectly spaced.
She is also great at being healthy and making healthy foods for us. She knows about nutrition and she has a whole library of herbal books and recipes.
The man who gets to marry Sarah Grace will be the luckiest man on Earth. She is a wise girl and she is born again. She is spiritual and mature. She doesn't demand her own way. And she loves football. She's got everything a man could want.
Sarah is not silly like some girls and she doesn't have emotional fits like girls on TV.
Sarah Grace is our winningest trophy.

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