Thursday, May 8, 2008

General Bullfrog -- posted by John

Last Sunday night my brothers and I went camping by our garden because the fence wasn't up yet, so we were keeping look-out for game.

We pitched a tent in the afternoon and then after eating supper and watching North and South we collected all of our gear and headed out on the open road. We got in the tent and said a prayer before Dad left. We ate some crackers and drank some water. And talked to Mom on the walkie talkie. It seemed like she called every five minutes to make sure we were okay and stayed in the tent.

As I was falling asleep, it sounded like an army of crickets and General Bullfrog were guarding me. It sounded like I was buried under crickets.

When I woke up, I felt like I was on my way to the Mexican-American War. That's what we talked about before we went to sleep. We watched the sun rise pinkish peach and the fog made a mist in the tent. It was cold, but I managed.

We had so much fun that Dad picked up camping books from the library. I've learned the Figure-Eight Knot, the Overhand Knot, the Square Knot, the Granny Knot (which gave me trouble), the Sheet Bend, the Carrick Bend, the Leader Loop, the Slip Knot, the Bowline 1 & 2, the Bowline on a Bight, the Taut-Line Hitch, and I'm working on more. Most of them I can do with my eyes closed! I've also been doing lashings. One of the books, America's Camping Book by Paul Cardwell, Jr., is my favorite on camping.

George and James are sleeping at Ma's house tonight. I'm a lonely boy.

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