Sunday, April 20, 2008

What a Wonderful World! -- posted by John

Saturday I went fishing by myself on the boat. It was so much fun, and breezy and sleepy and drizzly.

I was lucky to catch four fish. The first two I had to paddle back to shore for James to take them off the hook. On the third one, it started flapping hard when I pulled it out of the water and it unhooked itself. On the fourth one, Mom hollered out the window for me to grab it like a man, hold it firm, and push the hook out. She said it doesn't hurt the fish. When she yelled "grab it like a man" something inspiring went through my mind. At that moment I knew I was strong and brave. I took hold of the fish, pushed the hook out, and then there was so much grit in me that I felt like a man on the open sea. I proudly threw the fish back up over my head and gave a shout. It was one of the best days of my life.

Yesterday our neighbor called and asked if we needed a backhoe for anything. They had rented one and wondered if we had anything that needed to be backhoed. Mom told me to run ask Dad, but I misunderstood and asked Dad if he wanted a tobacco. He was confused. I told him the neighbor called and that they wanted to share it. Dad stood there questioning me and I kept saying "tobacco." Dad told Mom he started thinking Tim might have a cigar for him to try, but thought that was odd.

This morning, when we were sitting down to breakfast, I looked out the window and saw Uncle Bob walking through our yard. He started galloping fast and Dad and the older boys ran out to catch him. Evidently he jumped the fence.

The problem is that last week I lost the key to the gate so they had to remove the gate to get him back in. Dad bought some new locks but was having trouble getting the old locks off. Finally, in the afternoon, Richard found the key in the classroom. Dad held the key up high over his head and excitedly took it down the path to show James. At the same time James came running up the path to proudly show Dad he had busted the lock off!

That reminded Mom of a short story by O. Henry called The Gift of the Magi. She read it to us after tea time. I won't spoil it for you. You should take time to read it! I would do that for my wife because she will be my most precious possession (not counting the Lord.)

I love tea time. I feel mature picking my cup and choosing my tea. I feel like a gentleman. Today I picked the Summer Chintz cup and saucer because it looks springy. I picked Honey Ginseng green tea for starters and then I had Acai Berry green tea like Mom. George had Spring Cherry tea in the Blue Willow cup. Sarah Grace had white tea in the magnolia china cup. Dad had Matte Latte in a Blue Willow cup and I don't know what everyone else picked. It was delicious with Sarah's moist lemon cake.

Lately we've been having school on the deck with Dad. It has been cool and breezy, and trouble melts like lemon drops high above the chimney tops. That's where you'll find me.

Seriously, it is relaxing and I love when Dad teaches us. He's helping me with my paper on Lewis and Clark.

We have some kittens in the house that were abandoned. Will wants to invent a genetic alteration to keep kittens kittens forever. I've been doing school with one in my lap. I named them Lewis and Clark. Sarah named them William and Harry.

Tonight Mom made BBQ baby back ribs. What a wonderful world!

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