Monday, April 7, 2008

Sarah Grace Loves Us! -- posted by John

We really need another computer around here because I've been trying to research Lewis and Clark but Mom, Sarah Grace, Will, Spencer, James, and Dad are always using it. And Dad's the one who gave me the assignment!

I love Over The Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. I'm listening to it right now. It is such a beautiful version. I heard it for the first time on 50 First Dates. I also love Wouldn't it be Nice by The Beach Boys.

I've been the one to post the most on the family website but Mom and Sarah have started posting too. You should visit it at (This post is from Johnny Caker's Journal.)

There have been some robberies around here so our neighbors had a meeting to watch out for each other since we are rural. Somebody was living in a tent nearby and had a campfire. They found chicken feathers, and guess who has chickens? We do. Fortunately, everybody out here has guns and dogs. I hope to go see what is left of the campsite tomorrow. It is near our property.

The "restaurant" has been working out for George and me. Sarah comes on certain days and tries our dishes. She is in culinary school, you know.

I realized tonight that when I was younger and Mom let me open the cans, it was my first job in the kitchen. My hands would get so sore. Then, I moved up to dishwashing, and my third job was chopping apples for oatmeal. Now I actually cook, and I watch out for George to make sure he's doing well.

The cucumber and cheese recipe we made up has been annihilated. That was embarrassing. I can easily see through Sarah when she doesn't really like something because she just says "Wow" with no enthusiasm and a slight dead smile. She eats it anyway, though. I had it myself. It was horrible. I didn't peel the cucumbers and they were thick and I sprinkled extra sharp cheddar on them. Some of them had been frozen from being too far back in the refrigerator and they were shiny and see through, sorta. Yuck. Sarah loves us.

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