Sunday, March 16, 2008

William F. Buckley, Jr. Died -- posted by John

It has been a while since I've written because Will has had three papers to write for college and he has been using the computer.

William F. Buckley, Jr. died. I think he died because he lacked oxygen. I saw a show about him on Fox News. My parents had dinner with him before I was born. My mother remembers my father asking him a question that Mr. Buckley thought was fascinating, and he made his quirky facial expressions and his eyes went big. I saw his quirky face and eye movements on the Fox News show. Mom can't remember the question Dad asked, and she can't remember what they ate either. She just remembers being proud that he thought Dad's question was so fascinating. She used to watch him on a show called Firing Line with her father.

I've been crunching numbers with my mom to help her with our finances. We keep a price book for groceries, and groceries have been going up so much that the old prices needed to be updated. It's very simple. You go through sales sheets and receipts and write down the prices of the things you use. That way you can tell which store has it the cheapest. Make sure you write down the size or weight because not all stores have the same size package. We changed it by putting it on large index cards instead of a price book because the book was too hard to handle.

For meat we buy loss leaders at Food Lion. Sam's has the cheapest cheese. Aldi usually has the cheapest fruits and vegetables and bread, but it is still cheaper to make our own bread.

We have about 400lbs of wheat. Wheat has gone up 200%. The point is that I can look at our cards and tell if something is a good buy.

We've been watching Sir Laurence Olivier's Hamlet. We'll probably finish it tonight but not too late because little kids fall asleep. I'm enjoying it except I don't like the character Ophelia. Next we watch Macbeth with Orson Welles.

We are getting our garden area ready and we already have plants growing inside. Mom wants us to clear a new area that I know is going to be hard work and it has snakes everywhere. I'm looking forward to it but it does kinda give me the creeps to work over there.

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