Tuesday, February 26, 2008

He hates these water bottles! Stay away from these water bottles! -- posted by John

Before Valentine’s Day, I met Mr. and Mrs. Bruce. Mr. Bruce is Sarah’s guitar teacher. Ma invited all of us to her house for barbecue and dessert. We had a great time! Sarah Grace played her guitar, and so did Mr. Bruce. James sang Pretty Woman and Running Scared. James and I also sang Crying and Only the Lonely. We’ve really been getting into Roy Orbison lately.

George, Richard, and I are best friends with Mr. and Mrs. Bruce. We loved being with them because they are so friendly. Mrs. Bruce sent me an email and also a funny story about her childhood with her cousin. I’ll ask her if I can post it here. We all laughed out loud.

Lately James has been singing when Sarah Grace practices her guitar. Sometimes I sing back-up. One song is Solitary Man and the other is (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone.

On Sunday I shot my BB gun. James shot his bow and arrow. He was shooting at a bale of hay and I was shooting at water bottles. (He hates these water bottles! Stay away from these water bottles!) That just reminded me of a scene from The Jerk with Steve Martin. I’ve liked Steve Martin in everything I’ve ever seen him in.

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