Friday, January 11, 2008

I Got Lost in the Woods -- posted by John

Yesterday Will and Spencer decided to go for a walk in the woods. After more than an hour, Mom asked me if I knew where they were. I thought they were at Augustusland. James and Spence were the first to go there in the summer and it was blooming. It was like a beautiful jungle with streams and vines and greenery. James said, "Let's name this place after you." So, he named it Augustusland since Spencer's first name is August.

I told Mom they went to Augustusland because that's where I thought they went. I told Sarah I would go get them because it wasn't far. Once I got there, it was completely demolished because it is winter and it was ugly with bare vines and downed trees .... a waste land. I got confused because nothing looked the same. It scared me to see it because I couldn't tell how to get home.

I was brave while I was searching for something familiar but there were passageways where the sun would come in and I would go to it thinking it was the way home and then it would stop and be the dark woods again. This went on for a half an hour.

Meanwhile, Mom knew something was wrong and she ran through the woods calling our names. She nearly ran all the way to the Interstate hollering for us. She went through thorns and streams and hills with a t-shirt and nothing to protect her arms. Finally she turned back to get the van and her cell phone.

As she was getting close to the house, I finally saw a house I recognized and I saw our lane beyond it. I ran like Forrest Gump when I saw my mother in our driveway. From a distance, she thought I was Will because I had changed into a white shirt. (I sure wasn't going into the forest with my new orange Gator shirt on!) I started yelling, "MOM! MOM!" and I was running as fast as I could. She turned to Sarah who was looking for us beyond the goat pen and yelled that she had found me.

I could take pictures of my scratched up legs to show you what I went through. I had on shorts and my legs are covered in scratches from the thorns and thickets I got stuck in. Mom's arms are healed now.

Spencer and Will had followed a creek to a stream to an area with deer blinds and they got turned around but they weren't as lost as I was.

While I was lost I saw some snake holes that got me thinking but for the most part, I was brave. Spencer and Will had each other. Plus they are 19 years old and fifteen years old. I'm only nine so I think I did a good job keeping my head together. I felt like Bear Grylls.

Last week we went to the art museum in Atlanta called The High Museum of Art Atlanta. It is nicknamed "The High." It is three and one half hours away. Mom packed sandwiches and drinks and chips and brownies.

They had an exhibit of the impressionists. It showed how the impressionists learned from the masters. You wouldn't believe all the famous paintings we saw! Also, we each had headsets so we could learn about them. We saw rooms and rooms of paintings for hours and then we had enough time to go to Louvre Atlanta and see the ancient art exhibit. Louvre Atlanta borrows art from musée du Louvre in Paris, France.

We have two new art courses. One is: "Art across the Ages" Taught by: Ori Z. Soltes Georgetown University and the other is: "Museum Masterpieces: The Louvre" Taught by: Professor Richard Brettell The University of Texas at Dallas. We get lots of courses from The Teaching Company.

Professor Richard Brettell looks to me like Raleigh Sinclair who is played by Bill Murray in Royal Tenenbaums.

After we went to the museum it was getting dark and Dad drove us around Atlanta and taught us things like history and different sights. We saw Margaret Mitchell's house. She wrote Gone with the Wind but I need to see it again because it's on the tip of my tongue but I forgot it.

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