Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Momma's Birthday -- posted by John

Yesterday night I read a Bible story book to two of my brothers. At the end of the story there were questions and one was, "What did the wise men bring Jesus?" One of my brothers hollered "presents!" but the other one ran off to check with Mom to get the right answer. When he got to her he told her that the wise men brought "gold, Frankenstein, and fur, right?" She thought that was funny.

She explained to us later that the gold represents that he's a king, the frankincense is like his holy Godness, and the myrrh is what they used to embalm dead people with so it represents his death.

A lot of people think there were 3 wise men but the Bible doesn't say that. There were at least two because it says "men" which is plural, but there could have been 3 with gold and 6 with frankincense and 8 with myrrh.

Today is my momma's birthday. She wants a pressure washer. The reason why is because our house is wooden and there are lots of trees around it so it gets mildewed easy. We even have two trees growing up through the deck! The deck was built around them.

Ma sent two men who work for her to pressure wash our house as a Christmas present. They are friendly men and we look forward to them coming over. Momma wants us to be handy smart like they are.

We've been wearing shorts this week. It is 81 degrees right now. This is great weather for reading to Mom outside but it isn't very Christmasy... Baby, it's hot outside!

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