Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Crying -- posted by John

I saw a documentary about Roy Orbison and ever since a certain song called "Crying" won't get out of my head. It's a song that you can feel.

After I got so into the song my mom let me see a scene from a movie called Mulholland Drive. It is not a wholesome movie and I wasn't allowed to watch any of it except this scene. At the end, the woman faints but you can still hear her singing but that is because it is a dream. You know how dreams can be weird but don't let that get in the way of her singing. This woman is too good to describe. Please take the time to listen to her. Her name is Rebekah del Rio and she has perfect lips, teeth, and voice.

Christmas preparations are coming along.

The day before yesterday we cut down some cedar trees in our woods and we strapped two to the deck outside our picture window that looks toward the pond. We strapped two to a tree outside our dining room picture window. Then, we smeared peanut butter on the limbs and sprinkled bird seed and pine nuts and popcorn and mixed nuts all over them. We also spread pinecones with peanut butter and nuts and seeds and popcorn and then tied hay string around them to hang them from the trees. The birds were digging into it like Tiny Tim on a Christmas ham. It was fun because when I rode through on my bike thousands of birds flew up like something you'd see in a movie.

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