Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Captain Morgan's Pose -- posted by John

Dad bought Mom some dishes she wanted with dragonflies on them. They were only $79.99 a box on sale. We got three boxes. It doesn't make sense to buy expensive dishes for us for all the time dishes since we still have little kids.

These dishes are cute with blue and green around the edges with a blue dragonfly in the center. Mom loves dragonflies for four reasons. One, they go with our pond since we have dragonflies everywhere. Two, they eat mosquitoes. Three, they have beautiful irridescent colors in the sunshine. And four, one time my mother was sunning in the lawn chair while she was watching us swim and a dragonfly kept hovering around her and landing on her toe. We all watched him fly off for a spin around her and then he would perch up on her toe again and again. She got the biggest kick out of that dragonfly! That dragonfly must have loved my mother.

Now we have these nice dragonfly dishes that go with our house. Our house is like a lake cabin except it is big with lots of wooden walls and ceilings and a loft and lots of brick and a big window that faces the pond. It's a man house. Mom and Sarah don't mind though.

It was 92 degrees today. I've been craving autumn but too bad for me since it is still summertime. Autumn has everything! It has Thanksgiving, which I love because of the food. My birthday is November 2. Spencer, Georgie, Richard, and Ma have birthdays and then Momma's is in December with Jesus'. I love cold weather because of the fires in the fireplaces and hot chocolate and reading books out loud and the Christmas tree.

I've been doing the Captain Morgan pose from the Captain Morgan spiced rum commercial. Captain Morgan spiced rum can go in wassail after the children get their portion. It is a wintry drink with apple cider and oranges and lemons and spices.

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