Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Refrigerator Art -- posted by John

This is me with my latest refrigerator art. Ignore my hair. I wet it to help a little case of bed head. I do not have on my Michael Corleone hair gel even though it looks like it.

Yellow Short-tail Bird -- posted by George

Hi, my name is George. I call this Yellow Short-tail Bird.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Margot Tenenbaum -- posted by John

We're in the process of adopting a puppy. She is part beagle and part feist, we think. Feist is a southern dog that hunts squirrels. This puppy was abandoned and they found her in a ditch with just about everything wrong with her. The rescue people put her on her back and she didn't move. That is one of the tests to check for aggression. She passed.

Sarah Grace, James, and Dad got to see her when they went to Charleston. I saw a picture of her. They fell in love with her.

We're thinking about naming her Margot Tenenbaum and call her Margot. Margot Tenenbaum was adopted. Also, she is white with tan fur and black lined eyes. Same for Margot Tenenbaum. They don't have the same kind of personalities though. Margot Tenenbaum looked very dark as a kid at her first play but she grew up to be just dull like the Mona Lisa. The puppy is happy and playful.

I love all of the music in The Royal Tenenbaums, especially when Margot is walking away from the bus. In fact, I loved the whole movie except for a bad part about Richie where I had to turn my head but they told me what happened. I wouldn't want to see that part anyway. They put stuff like that in movies just to spice it up. I wish they wouldn't show it because we always have to turn our heads.

I loved it when Royal took Ari and Uzi out to loosen up since their father was so angry and afraid.

Mrs. Tenenbaum very much reminds me of my mother. They are strong and smart and they give good advice. They kind of look alike with the same style glasses. They are serious and wise to do the right thing, only my mother is the wisest because she would never kiss another man besides my father and she would never let us take a television in a bathroom.

A couple of nights ago someone came in our yard and my brothers and mother went outside to investigate. Will took a rake, Spencer took his big walking stick, and Mom took a .22 but they didn't find anybody. The next morning someone had let Uncle Bob and the sheep out of the gate. That's one of the reasons we are getting dogs. Ever since, Richard has been afraid to go to the bathroom because he keeps thinking it was the child catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. That character is creepy looking but I'm sure I could take him down because even though he has a sharp evil nose, he's sissy looking. The actor who played him was a ballerina who wasn't very strong looking like Mikhail Baryshnikov, if you know what I mean.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Captain Morgan's Pose -- posted by John

Dad bought Mom some dishes she wanted with dragonflies on them. They were only $79.99 a box on sale. We got three boxes. It doesn't make sense to buy expensive dishes for us for all the time dishes since we still have little kids.

These dishes are cute with blue and green around the edges with a blue dragonfly in the center. Mom loves dragonflies for four reasons. One, they go with our pond since we have dragonflies everywhere. Two, they eat mosquitoes. Three, they have beautiful irridescent colors in the sunshine. And four, one time my mother was sunning in the lawn chair while she was watching us swim and a dragonfly kept hovering around her and landing on her toe. We all watched him fly off for a spin around her and then he would perch up on her toe again and again. She got the biggest kick out of that dragonfly! That dragonfly must have loved my mother.

Now we have these nice dragonfly dishes that go with our house. Our house is like a lake cabin except it is big with lots of wooden walls and ceilings and a loft and lots of brick and a big window that faces the pond. It's a man house. Mom and Sarah don't mind though.

It was 92 degrees today. I've been craving autumn but too bad for me since it is still summertime. Autumn has everything! It has Thanksgiving, which I love because of the food. My birthday is November 2. Spencer, Georgie, Richard, and Ma have birthdays and then Momma's is in December with Jesus'. I love cold weather because of the fires in the fireplaces and hot chocolate and reading books out loud and the Christmas tree.

I've been doing the Captain Morgan pose from the Captain Morgan spiced rum commercial. Captain Morgan spiced rum can go in wassail after the children get their portion. It is a wintry drink with apple cider and oranges and lemons and spices.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Villa Tronco Tributes -- posted by Daddy

The family had a wonderful evening last night. With our dear friends, Johnny and BJ Browder, and Ma, we went to the oldest and certainly one of the best Italian restaurants in Columbia, Villa Tronco, to celebrate several of the children's birthdays. It was a fantastic night. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was very Old World (even in the heart of Dixie), and being able to spend the evening with great friends, was, well...priceless.

As it turned out, we were celebrating several birthdays that were all bunched together. But with Ma, BJ, and Johnny there, we also wanted to celebrate several that had been past and a couple about to come up. But at the same time, I wanted each of the children to feel special, and honored, and to know how very much loved and cherished they are.

And so, to be able to shine the spotlight on them individually, I took a few moments in between the great dinner and the out of this world cheesecake dessert, to offer the following tributes to them:

To Richard, the newest addition to our family:

You have taught all of us the fine art of cuddling and you will be a man of great affection. Our prayer for you, as you are about to turn five is that your sixth year is even better than your last one. Happy Birthday!

To George:

Your sweet nature is matched only by your strength. As you have now turned seven you are starting your school work in earnest, and our prayer for you is that your mind and spirit grow strong with your body to be a mighty man of God. Happy Birthday!

To John:

With your ninth birthday coming up in one month, we appreciate the incredibly bright and articulate young man you are, and celebrate the great strides you are making with your studies. Long before we had the family website, you developed the art of the post to give your readers an insight into our family's life. Happy Birthday!

To Webb:

You are in your eleventh year, and we celebrate and praise God for the healing that is yours. We love you and can't wait to walk together and have our first chat. Happy Birthday!


You are in your thirteenth year, and becoming a fine young man. Your handsome smile and wit make a very charming and winsome combination that will serve you well as you become a man. Happy Birthday!


Your quiet nature belies a depth of insight and wisdom that is well beyond your years. Your thoughtfulness and strength of purpose speak well of the man you are becoming. Happy Birthday!

Sarah Grace:

Your name was no doubt ordained by God, as there is no one else that exemplifies grace more than you. Your grace, humor, and diligence, combined with your natural beauty speaks well of the wife and keeper-at-home that you will become. Happy Birthday!


You have been with us the longest. And as the eldest you have assumed responsibilities well ahead of your years. This maturity, combined with your strength and intellect, will no doubt serve you well in any endeavor you pursue, as you have now become a man. And I'm proud to call you my son. Happy Birthday!

As I said, it was a great night. And one that will always be remembered.