Sunday, September 2, 2007

Will's Weekly Wrap-up

First, let me get it out of the way. Division 1-AA Appalachian State beat (5) Michigan, 34-32. At home. No, seriously.

These (hopefully) regular Weekly Wrap-ups will be focused on my take of the latest Gator game. I will most likely also mention other games concerning our beloved SEC.

Florida got the job done in the Swamp Saturday, but not without issues. The final score of 49-3 is a bit deceptive, as our defense had serious problems against a mediocre Western Kentucky team. This was to be expected, considering we had to replace 9 starters from last year's amazing D... but Urban had better work out the kinks if he wants a chance against the SEC powerhouses.

Offensively, it was a very different story. Tebow began his sophomore year with superb flair, throwing 3 TDs and rushing for another. His passing was efficient - 13/17 for 300 yds on the nose. The sheer volume of his various weapons on offense will be fun to watch throughout the season.

But what I was most impressed with, was Tebow's new attitude toward both the game and his new role as leader. No longer is he the back-up tank, who can clobber his way through any defensive lineman to gain a couple more yards. He knows that it is imperative that he stay healthy, and he showed this understanding by casually walking out of bounds at the end of his runs.

Plus, he stopped the skip-to-the-loo after his scores, which was a welcome change from last year. The new leader of the team showed emphatically that he will indeed lead this team to greatness.

Oh, by the way... Michigan lost to Appalachian State. At home. 34-32.

The marquee game of the week was fun to watch, but sadly (15) Tennessee wasn't able to pull out with a win. (12) Cal won 45-31, though the Vols played hard throughout. The loss can be attributed to daft 4th quarter play-calling, and simply the general strength of Cal's defense and running game.

In other games...

(2) LSU's defense was stellar in Thursday night's 45-0 decimation of Mississippi State. Clearly Coach Miles was holding back his cards on offense, in anticipation of next week's big game against (9) VA Tech.

(13) Georgia's offense looked strong in the 35-14 clobbering of Oklahoma State.

(18) Auburn had surprising difficulty with Kansas State early on, but pulled ahead late to come out with a 23-13 win.

Finally, Division 1-AA Appalachian State won the biggest upset in college football history, beating (5) Michigan 34-32 at Ann Arbor. This of course means Florida will become the fifth-ranked team of the nation in the next AP poll.

Obviously, our beloved Gators are overrated. But if Meyer and Co. can work out the many problems on defense in next week's game against Troy, we can still have a serious shot at beating Tennessee's above-average offense, and continue to aim at that SEC title.

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